Men. Tales From The Internet. (Link)

The Victim: Ayana Marie


I came across Ayana’s story today during my daily scroll of my celebrity blogs (Guilty Pleasure)  Although her story involved a professional athlete that she met thru Twitter her story rung true about men who pull a “about face” a total switch in character after sex is involved. However my favorite parts of the article is how she describes their initial contact (Twitter) and their comminication style (Text & Skype). If we can realize as women that men who base their contact with us thru the internet and texting are not truly serious about us we can avoid so much hearthbreak. Ayana states:

“It started like I assume most friendships start between athletes and women these days via Twitter. This wasn’t unusual I have a lot of athletes DMing me and most of the time I just ignore them, but he persisted and eventually DMs turned into texts, texts turned into Skype sessions.”

Her first mistake was assuming a REAL relationship can be found online. Twitter of ALL places! Second mistake was allowing their contact to be based around Text and Skype. The writer of the article Robert Littal who gives his input throughout the story had this to say about her above comment, we should all memorize this ! Remember this when a guy that you are into ONLY communicates with you thru text.

“You ever wonder why a lot of men prefer to text over talking on the phone? You can text several women at the same time, while playing Madden and eating McDouble.  You can’t do that while you are on the phone.  Also, we just don’t want to talk to you, we are just texting waiting on the naked pic. You have been warned ladies (and fellas).

Check out the above link.

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